Horner’s Haunted Corner where our motto is…

“Celebrate Your Holiday All Year Long”


Horner’s Haunted Corner was born from the best memories of my youth. I remember going to the movie theater on Ventura Blvd on Sunday and they had this mask shop right next door. They had walls of incredible masks that I would just stare at for what seemed hours. These were not cheapo Halloween super store masks. These were monsters, creatures, and ghouls created by artists and priced so a kid would have to throw a lot of newspapers to buy his favorite….and I did!

My love for everything horror has been a lifelong affliction. Other kids had typical birthday parties but at our parties we would builds haunted mazes in the backyard. Cardboard boxes formed tunnels leading to ladders, leading to tree houses. All this covered in blankets to create the spooky atmosphere. Various props and trap doors were made where we could jump out and provide the shock scares that hopefully gave our friends nightmares. My dad built a small movie theater in our garage where our parties concluded by watching old horror films and creepy cartoons. I sure miss the days when Halloween night would bring out hundreds of kids in costumes, with their pillow cases, roaming the neighborhood in search of candy. This was a time when most of the houses were decorated, from cutout witches and black cats in windows, to full static scenes in front windows or little back yard home haunts.

My dream is to recreate the old Halloween spirit and so my journey began where I started exploring far away places to find the bizarre, creative, artistic, and just plain weird items I now offer to you. I sell nothing that I don’t love, endorse and own myself. Trust me when i share, I live in a haunted condo which resembles a horror museum you may find in Better Crypts and Graveyards magazine. This dream of mine reaches its final goal of one day having a small shop with the scariest, most awesome masks available. Whether you order from us here or just stop by for a visit, we do appreciate your business very much. If you like our products, we welcome your reviews to help others see the value in what we have to offer.

I consider myself a mask and oddities broker so please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or other issues. If you are looking for something that is not here, or it is a idea developed in you own mind, message me, and my business partner Faust and I will try our best to find it for you. I have dozens of sources so even if it says “out of stock” that doesn’t mean we can’t exhume it from somewhere. If you have items you think I should carry send me a picture. If you are an artist or creator of spooky, dark or unusual masks, props, or other items reach out and Faust will possible showcase them in our featured artist section and in our upcoming series “After Hours at Horner’s Haunted Corner with Faust.” We are 100% dedicated to customer service and satisfaction.

Stay Spooky,
Jeff Horner
Horner’s Haunted Corner