About Us

Horner’s Haunted Corner was created in 2019 by Jeff Horner, inspired by Missi Hamilton, and promoted by Faust for distribution of masks, props, and other hard to find products.

The Items found in Horner’s Haunted Corner have been acquired through Jeff’s years of extensive searching both on the road in far away places and sitting there on the web doing his dark bidding.

Jeff Horner is a mask connoisseur and curator of curiosities. His travels have taken him from the deepest, untouched tombs of Egypt, the mysterious jungles of the Orient, and to the darkest castles and forests in middle Europe for almost half a century. He also works in security and addiction counseling fields. He is a co-creator of Swamp Meet, a spooky venders convention in Portland Oregon, held at Oaks Amusement Park. Horner’s Haunted Corner has also appeared at The West Coast Haunter’s Convention.

Missi Hamilton is Horner’s muse and his inspiration to follow his dream. She is a co-creator of Swamp Meet. She is a saver of all animals big or small and also a artist. Her work One Vibrant Pumpkin is both original and inspired.

Faust is a centuries old being who made a deal with the devil. This gave him eternal life, riches, fame, everything his black heart desired……which includes partnership in Horner’s Haunted Corner it appears. He shows up whenever he feels like it. Usually when Horner is not around as they butt heads often. Faust calls himself “The Talent” and waits for Horner to bring back items from his travels so he can promote them and take all the credit.

Jeff and Missi live in the haunted condo in Lake Oswego, Oregon with their collection of cats, dog, hundreds of spooky masks on the walls, a hanging Medusa, a 8 ft Frankenstein, and tons of horror memorabilia! Faust pops in too…to live rent free……when he is not off with his freak-show friends.