Question: How did you come up with the motto “Celebrate your holiday all year long”

Answer: The haunted condo is decorated for Halloween all year with about a month break for scary Christmas decor and a month for spooky Mardi Gras season. It is what makes us happiest and comfortable. If other people think its weird…so be it. Years ago my mom was lamenting on how sad it was that she has to throw out her Christmas tree and pack her decorations every January. My response was “Why”? Who made that rule? If you love to see your home decorated for Christmas then do what makes you happy. Thus the motto was born.

Question: Why a latex mask and not make-up for my costume?

Answer: Both are great and make-up does have obvious advantages such as breath-ability and no sight restrictions. However, make-up also runs, is comparatively pricey, and has to be done each time you go to an event. A mask has the advantage of being “just thrown on.” Masks also just look way better in most cases. People rarely stop and say “Wow” for make-up.

Question: Who is Faust? You are never seen together and the rumor is you are the same person?

Answer: Come on people…Really? Think about it…..I wear glasses and Faust doesn’t wear glasses! Who knows Faust’s motivation to wish for a partnership in my business. Thats between him and the devil. I wish we were the same person….He gets great seats for the Blazer games!

Question: What do you mean when you claim to be a mask broker?

Answer: Between Faust and myself we have an incredible number of connections……but these are details you wouldn’t want to know for your own safety. Simply put, 1) You see a mask on my site that says out of stock. 2) You send me or Faust a message requesting you want a deep search (broker). 3) We begin the journey to track down that item through our sources. 4) If we fail, we will sadly let you know but if we can track it down we will contact you with the updated price of item + shipping + standard broker fee of $25. 5) At this point you can accept or refuse the deal.

Question: Whoops! Did you say updated price?

Answer: Yes…..but this actually could work in your favor. An example would be I have a mask listed at $65. This is a price based off an average from multiple suppliers. If Faust or I have to dig deeper into our connections we my find the mask from someone who has a better deal for us, so we would reduce the price for you accordingly. They may however offer us a higher price. Then I contact you and tell you I found the mask but at $75. You can then accept or refuse the deal. You don’t pay broker fee unless you accept the new deal cause I kinda like the chase regardless.

Question: Do you ever wave your broker price?

Answer: I can’t speak for that greedy nutcase Faust but in some cases I may. Lets say I begin the deep search with a quick run through easy sources like E-Bay or Amazon and find what you are looking for at about the same price. I would wave the fee if my search takes me mere minutes.

Question: Do you just broker your masks or can you hunt down other products?

Answer: Yes….We can track down almost anything you see on our site.

Question: How about items not seen on site?

Answer: Great question! With all the sources Faust and I have, if I carried and offered all their masks or other items my inventory would be thousands of things. Faust’s dungeon would be packed to the roof. Lets say you are in need of a mask that is not on my page or a Gris-Gris voodoo bag different then the ones I list. Contact us with a description or preferably a photo and we will broker that sucker out. There are probably about 50-60 different Gris-Gris bags and about the same number of costume contact lenses available but we stock about half that and can get the rest from our sources.

Question: I notice you don’t carry any Michael Myers, Jason, or other popular masks. Why is that?

Answer: Two reasons. First is because they are so popular these masks can be found at a hundred different sources for the general public. We want to offer our customers masks that you may have never seen before. We want to introduce you to new artist’s work and new scary faces. The second reason is there are millions of different Michael Myers masks and Jason hockey masks. How could we possibly choose which ones to carry?

Question: How about the Walking Dead masks?

Answer: Same as above. We love the Walking Dead but there are about 100 different WD zombie masks. We are a growing business and we can’t have an inventory so large we carry every mask ever made. * To be clear, If you want a certain Walking Dead zombie or a certain Michael Myers mask we can get it but you would have to send us a message……no problem!

Question: I am doing a home haunt. Is it a waste of money to buy a high end mask?

Answer: Okay, that question seemed to offend Faust. My answer is “how awesome do you want your haunt to be?” Remember back to some of the dark rides you went to at county fairs. The static props looked like crap and wouldn’t scare anyone. Your haunts potential lies in how much time, work, and yes, money you are willing to spend. If you create a scene with spooky lighting, some low lying fog, scary sound effects, and great looking decor, do you really want to make your main scare look like some PVC pipe with an outfit hanging on it and a $10 crap-tastic mask you found at Halloween Dollar Tree. Remember that a static scene in your haunt can be just as spooky as a “live actor” scene if it is done well. Besides that, cheap latex masks deteriorate very quickly.

Question: I found the same mask much cheaper on E-Bay. Why not get it there?

Answer: You could and sometimes a seller has gotten stuck with a large quantity of product and it is gathering dust. He may put up a deal to get it out of his dungeon. BEWARE! Lots of masks are reproduced by companies in certain countries, (that may rhyme with Prina), that save money by using cheaper, thinner latex and they cut-out multi colors airbrushing to use a few basic colors. We have bought masks at a great deal and found out why……because they sucked and we can’t re-sell them.

Question: I am looking for that perfect Trump mask! Whats the deal?

Answer: I should be asking you “Whats the deal”. Faust and I agree on three things and three things only. 1) No cheapo masks! We refuse to carry $20 masks. 2) No comedy masks! You need a horse head mask….unless we can deliver a bloody horse head mask to your bed….probably not here. 3) Faust and I hate each other and are both looking to strike a “Kill Blow” on the other.

Question: Do you keep Horner’s Haunted Corner running all year or just during Halloween season?

Answer: Our plan is to provide Halloween all year with seasonal specialties. One example would be from July 1st until October 31st the focus will be entirely on Halloween season. From November 1st until December 31st we will be promoting “All things Krampus” days. From January 1st until March 31st we party into Mardi Gras season, where we will highlight items such as our Venetian masks. We then track into our “Months of Bigfoot” from April 1st until June 30th. We never stop having Halloween as the main theme….we just promote these other cool times of the year as well.

Question: This mask arrived to small. What can I do?

Answer: In our upcoming videos “After Hours at Horner’s Haunted Corner with Faust” he plans on having experts come on to show how to adjust the sizing of your mask. In a nutshell you will extend the slit in back of a mask to allow for your giant head. You then get a hole puncher and make a punch a inch or so above where the slit ends. You then take sharp scissors and cut to the hole. Without the hole the mask will continue to rip upwards.

Question: This mask is way to big for my tiny pinhead. Now what can I do?

Answer: Faust will also have experts on to walk you through this process. To make the mask fit better and tighter you will take square pieces of foam. Glue foam squares into the inside of your mask….not the outside dunce-cap! Try the mask on and continue to add squares until you get the fit most comfortable.

Question: What is the best way to store my mask to keep it in the best shape?

Answer: A few things will help preserve the life of your masks. 1) Keep in a cool and dry place. I lost a lot of masks early in my youth by keeping them in a box in my garage. My first 6′ mummy totally decayed in that garage. Latex anything doesn’t like heat or sunlight. 2) Keep hair on masks combed carefully and do not wash ever! 3) Lots of my best personal masks are hanging in the dungeon. If you are like me and want to display your art, make sure it is in a cool place and try to dust occasionally. Displaying will cause them to age a little quicker but not much if you take care of them. The absolute best advice is to stuff the mask with plastic bags to keep the shape and then cover with another bag. Then box it up in a cool dry place until needed. But what fun is that?

Question: Tell me about your featured artist ideas and this video series?

Answer: We are very excited about this idea. In my travels I have found so much cool stuff done by great artist whose names are not out there yet. I want to promote them. My quest is to have a section on my site where I either offer a new artist works through me or just showcase their art and provide a link so you can find them. My hope is that after a while I won’t only track down new artist and offer them this opportunity but that they will track me down to show me their awesome work. As far as “After Hours at Horner’s Haunted Corner with Faust” ….this is Faust’s idea where he will do a short video every couple weeks where one of us will showcase some of the great masks or products we have. We want to have guest join us. They will be the artist in our featured section showing their work. They could also be owners of spooky businesses, haunts, or events who want to reach out to horror enthusiasts. Faust is pushing to have some of his creepy friends co-host at times. This is a “down the road” project we are working on. We hope to figure out this web stuff so we can have the videos on our site and linked to YouTube.

*Please feel free to contact Faust or myself with any other questions or ideas.