Faust’s Friends

In our travels, we encounter some pretty strange, but cool, other folks with things to offer that you might want to check out. Here are some of them and our thoughts about them…

“What can I say about Jay, Jadzia, and Portlandia Fortune Tellers except they are the absolute best in the business of reading your fortunes. Nobody else comes close. Very friendly and super professional. We are proud to use them as our exclusive fortune tellers, and to call them our friends. Check them out to see where they are appearing and bring them to any event big or small. How good are they? Jay predicted at least 20 times that I wasn’t going to win the lottery, and he was right every single time. Hows that for accurate!” ~ Jeff Horner


“Missi, Faust’s Muse, here. I’m not normally a big reader, but I fell into Cassia Briar’s world of werewolves, dragons, and other super sexy monsters… Hard! She writes fantastic, steamy stories to help you escape to a fantasy world you WISH you lived in. ~ Missi


“Check out Debra at “Debris Artist”. You won’t be sorry. Her designs are stylish, unique and affordable. We have her cool horror plaques and light switch covers all over our castle. She was instrumental in getting Horner’s Haunted Corner ready for trade shows. Come check us both out at a show near you.” ~ Jeff Horner

“Give Northwest Haunters Association a long glance when you can. Not only is Troy one of the coolest haunters in the country, but he and his site are incredible resources for all your haunting needs. Want to know where the best haunts in the Pacific North West are? Troy’s your guy. Need some advice for your haunt or looking for resources that can help you? Troy’s the man. Just need a friend to talk to…well, you could try him.” ~ Faust

“Horner’s Haunted Corner’s motto is to celebrate your holiday all year long. Davis Graveyard is a sinister shining example of this. They are Halloween, and they live to haunt all year. Just give click and you could be stuck on their site for hours. You may decide to drive over right now. Great creative haunt enthusiasts, whose haunt needs to be seen to believe.”  ~ Faust


“Missi Hamilton has a vision. One Vibrant Pumpkin is hers alone and I believe everyone should see it. I don’t just say this because she is my person and my muse. I have been with her in far away places, and through all seasons, as she is looking for just the right place to put her vibrant pumpkin. That pumpkin is decades old and is more traveled than a lot of people.”  ~Jeff Horner


“We at Horner’s Haunted Corner are proud to display some of the creations formed in the twisted little mind of  Elise Switch Leutwyler. This kid is the first artist I would like to feel I have discovered. I think I’ve adopted her as my creative, spooky daughter against her wishes. I love her art and pester her before every show to get me more critters. Now I am going to be pestering more for my site. Check out her site here because it looks like she is branching out to more great products.” ~ Jeff Horner


“Swamp Meet is an annual trade show event we put on at Oaks Amusement Park in Sellwood, Oregon. You can acquire almost any spooky, scary, haunt resources your dark heart desires here. Want games? You’ll find them here. Fortune telling? We got it. You want face painting for kids, Dark spooky music? Yep. Come see the famous “Wall of Masks.” And it is in a popular amusement park. Come enjoy the rides and pop in and see us. Jeff and Missi try to take credit for creating Swamp Meet but it was me alone.” ~ Faust


“Oaks Park has been where the fun never ends since 1905, and is among the oldest continually operating amusement parks in America. Hell it’s the only real amusement park in the Pacific Northwest. If I could live here I would. They won’t let me. Today when visitors walk through their gates they are delighted by a uniquely Portland blend of modern thrills and turn-of-the-century charm on a midway that has delighted generations of Northwesterners.” ~ Faust

“Pumpkin Display at West Linn is a must see at Halloween. Brook Rice intricately carves foam pumpkins throughout the year and lights up the night at his home during our favorite time of year. He is a true artist and his free display is family friendly and jaw dropping. Be sure to check it out this October!” ~ Missi